I’m dieing to try out the patch! I think you’re instructed to reboot. I have a ti I just wanted to let you folks know that the softmod does work on g4mx’s. Having the framerate jump from 60 to doesn’t really sound very realistic to me.

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Allow me to point you to a different forum for clarification.

NVStrap Driver – No more Softquadro hacking – Ars Technica OpenForum

I haven’t tried it myself. I mean will i be able to overclock my card after the hack? Hover the mouse pointer over the first one and you will see ‘Customize low level systems settings’. Click on the arrow next to it. Thanks I don’t remember what importing coolbits does to display settings with the modified driver set don’t know if clockspeed settings will show up – I’ll check when I get home.

For performance, set vertical sync to Always off. If you haven’t used it before it will take a few seconds to setup a database of your.


rivaTuner tab is missing

Victor at the age of 33 years made this petite build called Akvo. I’m dieing to try out the patch! Originally posted by DrSpanky sorry im abit out on my hardware why do instalo want to mod into a Quadro? This screen is divided into two areas – your video card info and, nvsgrap the second area, your driver files etc. Either way, I’ll try out the hack on the latest Dets I got and see if it works.

Originally posted by MameXP Would coolbit still work after the softquadro hack? Hoping to get this fixed.

Your name or email address: Isntall perfect for me and takes all of what 1 minute?! Just below your video card info is a ‘customize’ option. I got it to work somewhat as well. Everything you need to know about getting a QuadroFX out of your card is in there.

How to install NVStrap?

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At the bottom, click the Install button, and then from the pull-down menu next to Professional Quadro capabilities choose force on. People say it’s do-able, but like I said, I’m pretty sure they are physically different. Click the Open Patch Script button 3rd from the left on the bottom. It will then detect a new display adapter. We test the Predator which is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler for cases with mm radiator mounts.


One charge will get you hours of wireless headset gaming over two quality 50mm drivers. You will now see a new window with two tabs. After that, you’re done. I haven’t tried it with the newest ones yet. Thier own instructions for installation always refer to the older 2x. I want to use NVStrap to softquadro it. Originally posted by Mpegger I asked this in a similiar thread here, but never really got a answer.

Three icons will popup.