Anyway I now that I’m back, here’s what I managed so far: I have one gpib cable. I will measure transport properties while going low temp to high. Please help as im stuck at the oint for many days. I used the Keithley example with the the driver to make the program.

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This will take time to learn how to do, but will be very rewarding once you have done it. Message 5 of 5.

Search Instrument Driver Network

The only problem is how to interface the Keithley a labvidw my computer. I hae used the labview drivers of keithley Message 3 of 5.

Message 2 of 3. Download and look at this manual: I can think of a few reasons why we would receive this error. The Data Bit on Keithley was 8 bit while the program was defaulted to 7 bit.

Write Voltage, Read Current.

Keithley SourceMeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Without the device itself it is going to be quite hard to see this error and work out what might be causing it. Anyway I now that I’m back, here’s what I managed so far:. Also, some of the included sample files give the same error. I was able to find a discussion forum regarding the error code, the example, and a Kethley 26xxa product that may be of use to you.


Message 2 of 5. I have attached labvieew labview vi and a screen 2636aa of the iv and resitance versus voltage measurement. From there decide which one makes sense based on the instrument’s front panel.

Using Labview to program Kethley a to produce voltage and measure current? On my computer – C: I found the following post on a Keithley forum that seems to cover the same error:.

Keithley 2430

The problem I am facing is this. It is up to you to pick and choose which functions you want to use. Well, I’ve been busy with my exams so I couldn’t reply immediately. I have Labview bit. I was trying to send commands that interfered with the measurement before it was done.

If you need assistance on changing the address, please contact service lakeshore. Or did you need to coordinate a communication scheme with them from a PC?

I opened them with labview. So i am asking about the hardware required in interfacing. Where do I find that in Labview?


My question is similar to this man’s question, albeit his program seems a bit too complicated for me to understand. I found the following keitlhey on a Keithley forum that seems to cover the same error: Message 3 of 4. Message 5 of MAX was able to detect the Sourcemeter.